Development Consulting

One World Group is a multi-faceted full service residential project sales and marketing company. Our key expertise is in Australian residential projects which, being investors ourselves, we believe in and understand well. Our point of difference is in our knowledge of the full process a property developer undergoes when delivering a residential project to its end market.

One World Group provides distinctive advantages through our industry knowledge and experience as well as our ability to tailor-design individualised sales and marketing strategies that bring results. Our strength is in our ability to offer a broad range of distribution channels with a tailored campaign, tightly managed by people with the right vision.


Development site acquisitions consultancy
Site analysis, feasibility studies, GRV evaluation, competitive market research and evaluation.

Design consultancy
Planning permit and design assessment, mix assessment, interior design consultancy.

Construction finance and syndication
Assistance in obtaining competitive construction finance options, both locally and offshore. Facilitating syndication.

Marketing materials production
Project creative and collateral design management.

Project sales and marketing
Sales and marketing strategy design and implementation, distribution channel management, stock management, contract administration and trust accounting, performance management, reporting.

International sales and marketing
International sales and marketing strategy design and implementation, distribution channel management, licensing, advertising board approvals, event management.

End financing
Helping purchasers obtain timely finance approvals to ensure a smooth settlement process.

Pre-settlement and settlement
Pre-settlement inspections, defecting, stakeholder liaison.

Property and portfolio management, resales.