One World Group is committed to giving our clients the best possible service by anticipating their expectations and ensuring that our responsibilities and promises are executed to the highest standards.

Simply, we want our clients to enjoy the journey comfortable in the knowledge that our objective is always to obtain outstanding results for their benefit. The ongoing satisfaction and trust our clients have in us is the true measure of our success. We believe that before a client engages us, we need to get to know each other, for them to trust us, and just as importantly, for us to understand their lifestyles, dreams and aspirations.

Our strategy is to assemble a buyer profile that will find your home incredibly appealing and then to launch a marketing campaign that will sell your property for the highest dollar value. 

We do this by devising and deploying a multi-level, multi-media marketing mix incorporating high quality photography and engaging copy to capture your lifestyle, a professional video showcasing your home, editorial coverage in both on and offline media and possibly a mention in our industry acclaimed One World Group Report, which has over 70,000 registered subscribers. Throughout the sales process, we employ strong negotiation skills to elicit the interest of potential buyers to ultimately close the sale.

We aim to ensure our clients get a full circle end-to-end service from original purchase to property management and all the way to a resale where we play an integral role in ensuring our clients gains and investment returns.

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  • Strategic Planning

    The research we do on your property and the market is done with cost and timing in mind, and of course, to achieve the best possible result. With our own in-house marketing specialists and creative partners, we are able to give you sophisticated marketing strategies and products while our powerful database management system puts our developments in front of the right kind of audience. We leave no stone unturned to build awareness and opportunity. Every house has a story and our specialist team will work to create something that will resonate from your own home's history. In fact, your home's story may be included in our exclusive One World Group Report, an online video with interviews and analyses by experts in the field. This is our way of having our properties and points of difference heard by property lovers around the world. From print and online advertising, to on-site boards and banners, to public viewing and private inspections, we will work to tailor a program that will ensure your property is given every possible opportunity to deliver market leading results.
  • Inspections

    These inspections are well planned, and take place twice a week for half an hour. We allow extra time for people coming late and offer to conduct evening viewings for people unable to attend during the day. We see inspections as opportunities to elicit buyers reactions, work through any issues and narrow the buyers down to those genuinely interested. Non-English speaking buyers are assisted by our international transaction specialists who are fluent in a number of languages. We are very conscious of your need for security and record every viewers name and contact number. As a courtesy, we inform you of each inspections outcome.

  • Post Inspections

    If your house is being auctioned, key buyers will be contacted at lease twice in the week leading up to the auction, to gauge their interest and encourage their attendance on the day. A few days before the auction, we will ask you to attend an auction strategy meeting. At this time, you will be asked to think of a reserve price and if you are willing to allow your agent to negotiate with the highest bidder if the bids do not reach your reserve price. For all other methods of sale, we will keep you similarly informed of buyer interest and discuss with you our negotiating strategy. Throughout, you are very much a part of the sales process where your input is just as important as our advice. 
  • Sale

    If you have decided to put your property up for private sale, the immediate difficulty is deciding on the sale price. If you set the price too high, your house may be on the market for sometime; too low and you may miss out on getting more. Our experienced negotiators can advice you on the best price reflecting the current market values. If you have decided to auction your home, you will be expected to open your house for inspection half and hour before the auction begins. Once the auction begins, your property will be considered 'on the market' and may be sold to the highest bidder after reaching the reserve price. We may also elect to pass the property in because we fell a better price may be achieved through negotiation. Sale by tender follows a similar process to an auction and a due date for all the offers will be specified. Once the written tenders of offers are received, we will help you choose the most favourable one, if none are acceptable, we will negotiate with the tenderers to see if they are willing to increase their offers.

  • Post Sale

    Our work on your behalf continues after the sale of your home and we will make sure a copy of the contract is send to your solicitor and all other paperwork is completed. The buyer will be entitled to a final inspection and we will attend to this in a consultation with you. If your property has not sold after auction, it is important for you to know we will remain committed to selling your house. We will continue to host inspections and discuss with you other options to ensure a satisfactory result is achieved. We also give advice on how to transition the services on your property to the new owners and are always available to discuss your concern whether your property sells out. We would like you to regard us as your personal concierge in the real estate world - always on hand to offer advice.